"Brothers and sisters, fill your minds with whatever is good and true, whatever is pure, whatever is noble and right, whatever is lovely, whatever is honorable and admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. Put them into practice, and God -who gives us peace- will be with you." (Philippians 4:8)

"Thanks for the Gift: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

We must train our minds to think upon these positive and peaceful things. We must keep our minds protected, because the devil could take advantage of those vulnerable ones.

Friday, September 9, 2011



I know many people are in much need of prayers nowadays. So, here is my prayer...

Dear Heavenly Father and Lord,

I believe in the Power of Prayers. I come here this day in prayers to appeal before You, Lord to pray with my humble heart...

I remember all those in need of prayers. I pray for the families of the victims who gave their lives to save others in September 11, 2001. I pray for the U.S. Troops who live Overseas at the present time, away from their home land, fighting for freedom. I pray for the U.S. Diplomats who live Overseas, away from their home land, working very hard to serve their Country, the U.S.A. I pray for the American people who struggle to achieve their goals for an economic growth, and a revival in their Finance Issues.

Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, be with them and protect them at all times.

I also uplift to sweet Jesus for all those people who are sick, misjudged, misunderstood, homeless, in troubles of financial needs, with physical and/or mental illness, suffering emotional depression, with lack of self-esteem, away from home in another land, lost their home for one reason or another, away from their loved ones, suffering a terminal or a severe illness or undergoing a natural disaster, lost their dear loved ones, or they may feel unloved, unwanted, forsaken, or they are hurting in one way or another. We believe in Your miracles that You can perform at a single touch, for You are the Great Vessel of Healing Powers. Please, flood their souls with a Peace that passes all understanding, Lord. Stand by their side, and send Heavenly Guardian Angels of Protection on their way, in order for them to feel safe at all times. You are our fortress and our rock of salvation, dear Jesus; You are our source of life, the vineyard that makes our blood vessels exist and our creation. Please, dear Heavenly Father and Almighty Lord, embrace them into Your loving arms, make them feel Your unconditional love, strength, protection and grant them Your Peace, the way only You and You alone can give. Please, heal them in places where healing is needed; grant them comfort and strength to keep righteous lives going on Your mighty way, and let them feel Your unique love, mercy, compassion and joy in such a way that they will never feel lonely, forsaken or sad again. You have set a plan for each of us. Let us follow Your plan now!!...

Dear Father and Lord, We need to feel the power of Your unconditional love and strength today and every day. We know that we can't win without Your help; we can't make it on our own. We need You forever, Lord. Thank You for Your unconditional love and protection in so many ways that we don't realize it!! Sometimes, we don't even know that You have protected us, because we don't see what could have happened if You haven't prevented it. So, we thank You for all Your many blessings, we love You and praise You forever and ever. God's will be done in all circumstances.

Now, we may kneel down to our dear Lord's feet to say our personal prayers.

In Jesus' most Holy Name, we ask these things and pray. AMEN.

Thank you for visiting my site and reading this prayer!!

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Until we write again.

In God's Garden,

Poet Starry Dawn.

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